Thursday, November 7, 2019

Attention, Florida Entity Owners: Beware These New Scams

By Joe Lieberman, JD, LL.M., Law Clerk, Morris Law Group

We have been hearing about some new scams recently targeting owners of newly formed Florida entities. We wanted to make you aware of some of the latest threats. Unscrupulous companies and individuals are contacting and soliciting entity owners with the following pitches:
  • You have one step left in order to attain your elective Florida Certificate of Status (inferring or stating that you haven’t completed all the steps necessary);
  • Your business is required by federal law to post a current compliant labor law poster and they want to charge you for this notice. (You do need to post these notices, however, the posters are generally available free of charge from the federal government); and
  • You receive a message that corporate consent records in lieu of annual meeting minutes will fulfill the requirements of Florida law. (Don’t mistake these notices with the Florida Dept. of State’s required Annual Report filings.)
If you get mail or email like this, do not respond. Instead, call or email Morris Law Group and tell us about the scam. Reporting scams like this helps you and our other clients avoid being defrauded. Additionally, telling your friends, family and colleagues about scams is a great way to help others avoid them.  

The Florida Department of State’s website features a page with Consumer Notices listing scams that target Florida corporations. For more information about the scams out there today, visit

Keep in mind, if you have retained Morris Law Group to form and draft entity documents, we assure you that your entity is in full compliance with all rules and regulations. However, if you receive a call from one of these scam artists and are concerned about whether your entity is in compliance, please contact us immediately. We’ll be happy to discuss this with you at any time.

If you’d like to find out more about forming an entity, please contact us today.